Our Process

Sourcing high quality pitches from the mid-atlantic ecosystem by:

  • Working closely with regional funds and groups like TEDCO, Abell Foundation, TCP Capital, Evergreen Advisors, Greenspring Associates, and many other leading early-stage investors
  • Adding value to our best founders — and being their first call when they find other promising startups in the region
  • Being highly visible in the region — from serving on panels to working with accelerators, and standing together to make Baltimore a more supportive startup ecosystem

Screening and selecting the best startups by:

  • Employing a custom scoresheet (with 20 criteria) to assess the viability of the investment – this unbiased, consistent scoring mechanism provides a standard manner of diligencing all deals
  • Concluding most (if not all) diligence in an entrepeneurially friendly manner before pitch meetings to members — founders typically only spend an hour in person or on the phone + answer a few follow-up questions before pitch night
  • Providing all deals and diligence before the formal pitches to members – enabling members to make their own decisions over a quick timeline (wiring funds within 30 days of pitch night)