About Us

We meet once per month. If you are interested in pitching to our group, please click the “Apply” link above. We highly recommend that you know one of the members prior to applying, and when you do please use the “referral” field in the application.

Not from Baltimore? No problem. Although the group has invested in many local companies, if you read our Gust listing and think you are a fit, feel free to apply.

Connect with Us! Follow us on Twitter @baltimoreangels and on the news section of this site. You can also add us to your circles on Google+ and “Like” us on Facebook.

Board of Directors
Greg Cangialosi, Co-Chairman, Co-Founder
Ed Chalfin, Co-Chairman
Dave Troy, Director, Co-Founder
John Cammack, Director
Deric Emry, Director
Hugh Evans, Director
Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Director
Mike Lombardi, Director
Thierry Marbach, Director

Bob Balcerzak
Frank Bonsal, Jr.
Mitchell Brown
Chris College
Eric Conn
Demian Costa
Chuck Cullen
Yair Flicker
Eric Franklin
Joshua M. Goldberg
Kim Z. Golden
Jason Groves
Jeff Helman
Tim Hodge
Michael J. Howard
Gloria Jacobovitz
Bill Karlson
Ken Karpay
Steve Kaye
Rick Kohr
Matthew Koll
Justin Label
Roger London
Paul Palmieri
Charles Pepin
Vadim Polikov
Rebecca Ranich
Rob Rosenbaum
David Ross
Bob Roswell
John Schveibinz
Bradley Shapiro
Paul Silber
David Stack
Paul Streb
Jason Tagler
Rick Trosch
Maury Weinstein
Andrew Weltlinger
Wendy Wolock
Christy Wyskiel
Matt Zuga

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